The modules of our Project ‘i’ software are customized based on project stages and documents classification.

Design Stage
Tender Stage
Construction Stage

What it can do + Benefits


  • Questions from sender and answers from various respondents are coordinated in single page.
  • The automated versioning ensure that the document is always the latest with no confusion on duplications.
  • The stages are automatically monitored and it sends assignment notification through email when responses are needed.
  • The documents are converted automatically to pdf non-editable file once the RFI is “closed” for data protection.
  • All RFI queries and responses are tracked automatically including deadlines overdue. This allows tracking for KPI compliance.


User friendly features integrated within the system & word template with easy-one-go data entry and no double handling for RFI issuance

Tracking of RFI based on originator/sender, assigned to/respondent, subject matter, deadline and status of RFI

What it can do + Benefits


  • There is only one version of document in the system and the automated version update ensure the document is always the latest version.
  • Document versioning control allows full trackable of revision history recording who make the changes, when the changes are made and what are the changes.
  • Allows collaboration by allowing every one works on the same document and at the same time allow user to see who is editing the documents and what has been edited.
  • Strong search capabilities allow you to find the necessary information instantly by key words based on what is it, when is it created and last updated instead of where you save it.


Screenshot example of coordinated services from multiple consultants in one single drawings


  • Shell
  • Paramount
  • KDU
  • MRCB
  • Amway
  • Pfize
  • TSH
  • The TRW Group
  • Flex
  • KDU
  • Seagate
  • Motorola
  • Hitachi
  • Kellogis
  • AMD